On the vapour trail of Scottish Ballet’s world class dance

“Widening access to the arts is both a national priority and a challenge.

“Scottish Ballet decided to address this challenge head on by embarking upon a collaboration to evaluate the potential of using augmented reality in a dance context.

“The innovative project combined dance with novel technological approaches to choreograph, produce and capture in 3D a ‘movie’ of bespoke dance sequences to widen public dissemination and participation in the arts.

“A pilot project with the renowned Digital Design Studio (DDS) at Glasgow School of Art was brokered which sought to demonstrate that the use of visualisation and presentation technologies can enthuse existing and new audiences to engage with the arts.

“The core aim of the collaborative project is to create a high definition film which will show dancers in a short choreography, mixed in with the motion capture data ‘vapour trail’.

“For Scottish Ballet, the collaboration led to the development of a novel way to showcase their performances, reach new audiences and explore further new ways to use interactive digital technologies to supplement traditional promotional methods.”