Why working with brands can be a ‘win-win-win’

Q&A with M&C Saatchi Sponsorship’s co- founder and chief executive

What are you working on?

It’s been an intense week, I have been travelling quite a lot as I have been negotiating with some sports teams, mainly focusing on Formula One and football. On the other hand, I have been invited to attend as speaker for the Fundación Paideia in Spain, a foundation created by Rosalía Mera, co-founder Inditex Group, in 1986. It’s an open space, with an interdisciplinary vocation that includes innovation and research, especially in Human and Social Sciences. We’ll discuss how sponsorship can be the most effective way to help brands generate cultural relevance, as they succeed when they break through in culture.

What is the potential for brands in today’s creative industries?

It is huge; brands spend is forecast to reach over £48bn this year, a 1.8 times increase from 2010. There is poten-tial for this growth to increase more than currently projected based on the impact of new inventory from digital media platforms. More platforms equal more sponsorship and branding opportunities. Other factors for future growth include continued economic development in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

How should brands best engage with the creative industries  (and vice versa)?

I believe brands best engage with the creative industries if they not only use digital media platforms, staying culturally relevant is important, but they should be careful not to lose credibility. Traditional creative branding (TV spots, outdoor campaigns, etc) can be a really effective way to reinforce their message if it is delivered properly. On the other side, creative industries should understand more their objectives. Brands seek to build more emotional relationships with their customers; it has become increasingly important to consider how they fit into their target audience’s lifestyles. For many brands, aligning with their target consumers via entertainment and culture is the most logical choice, but flexibility should be imperative from any rights holder if they want to maximise their sponsorship revenue.

Should creative industries fear  being involved with brands?

Not at all; there is no reason to fear being involved with brands, they should be considered as partners, like a joint venture where both parts benefit and they should be focusing on how to deliver the best entertainment together to their same audience. A ‘win-win-win’ situation; rights holder-brand-audience.

XpoNorth 2017: Victor Cobos on The Growing Importance of Brands in Today’s Creative Industries, 4.15pm, Thursday 8 June – Studio 2, Eden Court, Inverness.