More than 400 delegates, exhibitors and speakers from across Scotland, the UK and Europe convened in Glasgow today for the second annual Digital Scotland conference.

Kate Forbes, the Minister for Public Finance and Digital Economy, opened the conference with the message that digital technologies and devices “might be exciting, but for me this is about how we transform people’s lives”.

The conference also heard from Linnar Viik, co-founder of Estonia’s e-Governance Academy, who underlined the importance of digital evolution; “making an incremental change every day – adding a new feature, a small upgrade – and not radical changes”.

David Irvine, chief executive of Maidsafe, outlined his vision for a ‘new internet’.

London’s chief digital officer Theo Blackwell was interviewed by his Scottish counterpart Martyn Wallace and delegates engaged with more than 30 speakers and panellists in a series of sessions covering the future of government, business and technology.