Edinburgh-based software company Amiqus has won pitch of the day at Scotland’s annual tech investor showcase, for the second time.

Having won at Engage Invest Exploit (EiE) in 2017 with a team of six, Amiqus chief executive Callum Murray gave a pitch demonstrating how the company has grown its team to 30 through the success of its first product Amiqus ID. He also announced plans to bring a second product to market, Amiqus Wallet

Pitching to several hundred investors, tech entrepreneurs and industry experts, Murray aims to win angels interested in building on the success of the company’s ID verification software to bring a pipeline of follow-on products to market.

Amiqus ID verification software is used by around 150 legal, accountancy, property and recruitment firms in the UK to perform the complex client identity and anti-money laundering compliance checks required by law before regulated professionals can provide individual citizens with advice or services. Now the Amiqus team is working on Amiqus Wallet, a digital strongbox for personal information that can be used to complete future Amiqus ID checks with ease.

Murray said his intention was not to seek out investors looking for a quick exit, but to “lead by example by using business as a force for good, while proving Amiqus can deliver significant returns and long term value to its stakeholders”. The Amiqus team says its mission is ‘building tools to make civil justice accessible’. “It is a mission that continues to distinguish Amiqus from its competitors and one that has attracted a team of 30 that is poised for growth at scale,” the company said in a statement.

Murray added: “We’ve spent the last six months proving Amiqus has all the necessary foundations in place to scale at speed with a seed extension round: we’ve got a strong team, a great product and a mission that inspires partnerships from major fintechs to market regulators.

“Our plans are to spend the next 12 months accelerating the growth of Amiqus ID within new sectors; to rapidly increase our revenue and to lay the groundwork for our follow-on products as we add B2C to our B2B offering.

“Winning pitch of the day for the second time is an exciting endorsement of those plans and will no doubt have a great impact on the doors that open to us in the coming months.”