A mobile app has been launched to help embed women’s rights in peace negotiations in the Arab world and beyond. 

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh, Monash University in Australia and InclusivePeace in Geneva, have developed the data and technology to provide vital information on gender issues for those mediating peace processes.

The PeaceFem app brings together data on women and peace-making in one easy-to-use app in English and Arabic.

Collaborative project

UN Women supported the team on the development of the app – the body within the United Nations that globally champions gender equality, and the idea that all parts of an affected society should be included in its peace process.

The project contributes to the United Nations Security Council’s call for greater awareness of gender issues in peace negotiations.

Experts say that including an explicit reference to women’s rights in peace agreements recognises the importance of women for social cohesion and ensures that the process of rebuilding a society is fully representative.

Showcasing strategies

The app provides information on 30 peace processes where gender inclusion was a key feature of the peace settlement. Users can search by region, country and peace agreement.

It also contains a fully searchable library of case studies that showcase the strategies used to include women in peace provision, the enabling or limiting factors and the agreements that resulted.

The app draws on data from PA-X – a unique online resource which charts the progress of peace agreements since the end of the Cold War. The online tool was developed by researchers at the Political Settlement Research Programme at the University of Edinburgh.