I’m incredibly excited to announce that applications for education institutions in Scotland for ten new innovation hubs are now open!

In partnership with Intel, NetApp, newly recruited ambassadors will benefit from a new innovation hub which students and the local community can use to develop their digital skills.

Technology is moving forward at lightning speed and is transforming the way many organisations – like us – operate and interact with the wider world. But in this digitally-driven context the skills and experience employers are looking for is changing, and we believe that we have a social responsibility to make sure that the many have access to developing those skills, not the few.

In tandem with this, our recent survey Tech in a Transforming Britain, found that 46% of consumers in Scotland think schools should be more technology focused. That’s why, and in line with the Scottish Government’s own plans for technology in education, our mission is to work with trusted partners to help students in Scotland achieve more and unleash their full potential.

With two innovation hubs currently residing at Border College and Fife College, applications to be one of the ten initial new recruits to the extended programme are now open here. We’ll be selecting our new Ambassadors based on their excellence and commitment to promoting technology in their learning and teaching environments.

We’re incredibly proud of the power of our ambassador hubs to bring together students, teachers and communities in these innovation hubs, and the next natural step is to bring those opportunities to students across the country.

We look forward to hearing from those who feel equally passionate about joining us in this mission, and we look forward to hearing about how embracing digital could benefit their students, teachers and wider community.

Ash Merchant is Director of Education at Fujitsu.