The Golden Jubilee National Hospital has implemented a pioneering new digital system for recording patients’ vital signs which allows clinicians to monitor their condition in near real time.

Unveiled at the Golden Jubilee Foundation’s Annual Review, KEWS300 from Syncrophi Systems allows medical staff to take paperless, digital, recordings of vital signs and observations at the patient’s bedside.

Patient vital signs are automatically displayed on a central console at the Nursing Station, allowing easy viewing by the clinical team at any time.

As the system highlights the status of all observations and provides Early Warning Scores, it ensures that patients are receiving consistent, accurate, and effective treatment throughout their stay.

Senior Charge Nurse Cameron Murray, who was one of the first people to use the innovative system, said:  “As the technology was developed in collaboration with the team here at the Golden Jubilee, it was seamlessly integrated with existing clinical systems.

“As the system is quicker and more efficient, it increases the accuracy of calculations and improves communication between shifts.

“It has completely eliminated the need for paper charts and observation sheets in our ward, with our entire team stopping paper recording within just three days of its introduction.

“But the most important aspect of this is the benefit to our patients. Staff have more time to spend with them and it means that deteriorating or at risk patients can be assessed more accurately, with their care being escalated quicker, with appropriate steps and interventions being put in place to help their recovery.”

The introduction of KEWS300 followed a successful presentation and demonstration as part of the Golden Jubilee’s pioneering Medical Device Alpha Test ®* programme. Following a successful pilot in one ward, it is now being rolled out across the hospital.

David Toohey, Chief Executive of Syncrophi Systems Ltd, added: “This is a perfect example of how industry and the NHS can work together to find innovative digital solutions that benefit patient care and meet the needs of staff.

“From my experience, the Golden Jubilee team are extremely progressive and I’m sure they will find even more ways to help improve the Scottish health system going forward.”

With a vision of leading quality, research and innovation for NHSScotland, the Golden Jubilee has today launched its ‘i:stand for innovation’ campaign to encourage staff to be creative thinkers, be innovative, and implementing effective new ideas.

Health Secretary Shona Robison said: “This new digital system is one of a number of positive developments at the Golden Jubilee highlighted in its annual review.

“The Scottish Government has successfully implemented a wide range of digital services that deliver better care and outcomes for patients in Scotland.

“This system is a great example of this, ensuring access to information is more readily available and supporting the delivery of higher quality and safer care for patients.”