The accounts Twitter has censored around the world

BuzzFeed News has identified more than 1,700 Twitter accounts that have been blocked in at least one country. The list provides an unprecedented glimpse into Twitter’s collaboration with national groups and governments.

What automation will do to jobs, in one chart

Predictions range from optimistic to devastating, differing by tens of millions of jobs even when comparing similar time frames. Some guesses for the distant future are rosier than others that forecast dire consequences by as early as next year.

No cutting corners on the iPhone X

When the iPhone X launched, a lot of designers were put off about the screen shape. Those complaints have mostly died down, but I haven’t seen much design-nerd talk about cool corner treatment details. Fortunately, deep nerd shit is my specialty.

How the Guardian US got profitable

The reader contribution model is paying off for The Guardian US. After years of bleeding red ink, the paper’s 10-year-old US outpost is about to get in the black after having surpassed 300,000 supporters that account for one-third of its revenue.