A new app will deliver ‘real-time’ cyber and fraud threat reports to Scottish organisations to bolster national online resilience levels.

The threat intelligence app has been launched during Scotland’s Cyber Week in response to the rising tide of cybercrime and online fraud.

Available to on the Apple Store or Google Play, the free Threat Intel app will help organisations to ‘stay ahead’ of the hackers.

With three threat severity levels, the Cyber and Fraud Centre – Scotland app helps users to prioritise their response based on the urgency of the threat and allows users to customise their alerts based on their sector of work – with alerts bespoke to the private sector, public sector, third sector and academia.

The sophisticated technology also consolidates the latest threat intelligence from multiple sources into a single platform. 

Along with real-time alerts, the app also connects recipients to the Centre’s Incident Response Helpline, which provides valuable resources and support to organisations that have been affected by a cyber-attack. 

Jude McCorry, CEO, Cyber and Fraud Centre – Scotland, said: “Staying ahead of hackers and the threats they pose to organisations is becoming an increasingly onerous task, one in which many larger organisations now have dedicated teams focusing on. Not only is this option often far too expensive, but many of the dedicated threat intel software is also cost prohibitive, never mind it being too complicated for so many to use.

“We have decided to create this app to help fill the void in the current ecosystem, providing a dedicated platform for Scottish organisations to gather free and filtered threat intelligence along with mitigation advice and guidance. The beauty of the Threat Intel app is that you don’t need to remember to check it regularly. Notifications will come through with the most important updates.”  

Key features:

  • Customisable alerts tailored by sector
  • Three threat severity levels
  • Aggregated threat intelligence from multiple sources
  • Incident Response Helpline support

The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.