The Scottish tech industry is being encouraged to contribute to annual ‘state of the nation’ report – put together by tech trade body ScotlandIS.

The survey provides a vital health check for the sector and is used by the cluster management organisation to spotlight issues that need to be addressed.

In this year’s report, it was found that 83% of companies expected to increase their headcounts between 2023-24, and a rising number of firms reported turnover of higher than £1m.

Having first launched in 2008, the report was originally designed to fill a gap as there were limited figures available relating to the overall health, growth and development of the Scottish tech industry.

Since then, both the report and the sector have grown significantly with the 2023 version putting the value of the Scottish digital sector’s economic contribution at £6 billion.

The results of this year’s survey will contribute to the organisation’s 2024 industry survey report into the health of the sector and the challenges facing Scottish tech firms. Last year, representatives from more than 150 organisations contributed to the report.

ScotlandIS CEO, Karen Meechan, said: “The tech sector in Scotland has consistently provided a source of great economic optimism, but it’s important that we continue to chart the mood of the industry – particularly as we close out the year. Knowing what issues are causing concern, but also where there could be opportunities, is vital if we are to continue growing our presence on both the UK and global stages.

“It’s fair to say that the last 12 months have provided some significant challenges for our members, as economic and geopolitical factors have made for one of the most complex business landscapes we’ve seen for a long time. However, despite this, we’ve still seen some real success stories from across the sector, and the feedback we get remains roundly positive.

“Our industry report provides an important benchmark opportunity and helps us to understand where we are and how we’re doing compared to previous years. Crucially, it also shows us where ScotlandIS could be doing more to help. For example, we know there is still a skills challenge and we’ve been working to ensure we are creating a talent pipeline for now and the future, through initiatives such as our e-Placement Scotland and Digital Critical Friends programmes.” 

Members of the ScotlandIS executive team visited Bahrain this week where they attended the Arab International Cyber Conference.

Karen Meechan, said: “We’ve had an incredibly productive couple of days in Bahrain and it’s clear there are lots of opportunities in the Middle East for Scottish tech firms. All of the Scottish companies who were in Bahrain with us found real value and it’s great to see that there is alignment in some of our priority areas, including cyber, fintech, health tech and education.

“We’ll be following up on the connections we’ve made with a view to cultivating new markets and business opportunities for our members.”

The survey is available to complete here.