Recent reports have indicated that victims and witnesses have been forced to surrender their mobile devices for unacceptable time frames due to lengthy backlogs in digital forensic units which has resulted in a loss of public confidence in our criminal justice system when dealing with law enforcement.

Mobile devices are ubiquitous in our daily lives and contain extremely sensitive personal data, encompassing intimate discussions, family pictures, location records, internet browsing activities, biometric, medical and financial records. They can potentially unveil the intricacies of our daily personal and working routines, providing profound insights into our behaviors, thoughts, and emotional state of mind. It is fair to state that the personal information contained on our mobile devices richly depict our daily lives and to expect a victim or witness to lose access to this is not acceptable.

Due to those lengthy backlogs this potentially led to unwilling victims and witnesses in supporting criminal investigations that involved mobile device evidence. Victims of crime who have suffered enough were being let down, at a time of tragedy a victim should not be expected to surrender their mobile device for an unknown period of time when their device will be a link and lifeline to help them come to terms with the tragic situation they are already facing.

Technology from MSAB allows the examiner to only acquire data they are authorized to do so; this advanced technology ensures that a victim or witness do not have to surrender their mobile device for longer than is necessary and allows law enforcement to acquire digital evidence that will help lead to a fair and balanced investigation and achieving legitimate criminal justice objectives.

Selective extraction is a vital function for any forensic examiners tool kit for a variety of reasons.

  • Mitigate risks associated with personal data acquired via a mobile device extraction.
  • Ability to only acquire a specific date and time frame.
  • Acquire specific categories of data based on the investigation.
  • Select only applications that are relevant to the investigation.
  • Can help align to specific details of a warrant.
  • Adheres to data protection and human rights legislation.

XRY offers the examiner the unique ability to acquire data from a mobile device whilst adhering to data protection and human rights legislation, the ability to only acquire specific categories of data based on either time frame, data category, application type, by an individual file or any combination of these filters.

Selective extraction is key when dealing with a victim or witness mobile device to avoid an invasion of their privacy and supports restricted search warrants ensuring you only extract what you are authorised to do so.

Selective extraction from MSAB allows the examiner to take only what they need whilst user privacy is respected.