Unlock the best of cloud: deliver the data and software foundations to drive efficiency and improve public services

NetApp supports the Scottish Public Sector to deliver better services for citizens by unlocking the power of data and cloud. We work with government agencies providing systems, software and services that transform data mobility and sharing, reduce cloud consumption costs, and meet cyber security and data compliance obligations. 

NetApp is a global cloud-led, data-centric software company that empowers organisations to lead with data in the age of accelerated digital transformation. With solutions that perform across diverse environments, NetApp helps organisations build their own data fabric and securely deliver the right data, services, and applications to the right people – anytime, anywhere.

Visit the NetApp stand and discover why NetApp are the only data management provider that has been chosen to be available ‘first party’ in the world’s biggest clouds.  We support you with the appropriate solution for your needs: whether that is Hybrid, Private, Public, Multi, Edge or OnPrem we can help.