Denmark has experienced a unique and rapid digital transformation, putting the country at the forefront of governmental digitisation in the world – placed no.1 in the two latest UN e-government surveys. As a leading supplier of govtech, Netcompany has been key in this development, providing hundreds of society-critical solutions to the authorities, helping the public sector offer world class, user-friendly, digital services.

​Over the past 5 years this experience and knowledge has been applied to a growing number of governments in Europe, which in 2020 culminated with the launch of the Netcompany Govtech Framework.

​Delivering digital transformation programs through digital platforms, core systems and infrastructure services, Netcompany believe in agile, futureproof solutions, based on proven platform components that ensure full flexibility and opportunity for ongoing innovation. The company was founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today, an international company with more than 3500 employees spanning 6 countries.