Open Medical is a team of clinically-led digital health pioneers. Founded by practising NHS clinicians, we combine a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape with unrivalled technical expertise to produce intelligent, clinician-centric software solutions and drive impactful digital transformation in healthcare. Open Medical specialises in developing and implementing bespoke patient pathways and clinical workflow solutions for all specialities across all care settings. We enable healthcare providers to prioritise, synchronise, and visualise team workflows with our fully interoperable, cloud-based, digital platform called PathpointⓇ. Pathpoint is an adaptable system that offers a suite of software solutions that are suitable for all healthcare settings and used across more than 100 NHS and HSE sites with over 2.5 million patient pathways processed.

Our mission is to empower healthcare providers worldwide to deliver efficient data-driven care, by forming strong, long-lasting relationships and creating safe and secure, trusted solutions that deliver value. We are committed to our vision of an interconnected, collaborative, healthcare digital ecosystem.