More than 50 industry leaders, entrepreneurs and established organisations have signed up to support technology start-ups and SMEs through the Oil & Gas Technology Centre’s soon-to-be launched technology accelerator, TechX.

A series of events were held at the Centre’s newly opened Innovation Hub to introduce potential mentors and partner organisations to the TechX programme, and the benefits of getting involved.

Partners will support the development of the next game-changing companies for the energy industry with access to facilities and networks, as well as facilitating and co-funding field trials. Mentors will provide expert advice, guidance, support and brokering connections with their network

Partners and mentors will benefit from unprecedented access to companies at the forefront of technology development, voting in the TechX screening and complete involvement in all stages of the programme.

TechX, which launches in December 2017, is gearing up to support new technology developers take their solutions to market. It aims to invest in more than 100 new technology companies in the next decade, offering an intense development programme, rapid product prototyping, expert mentors and partners, fast access to facilities, field testing and unparalleled funding with no equity or pay back required.

David Millar, TechX Director, the Oil & Gas Technology Centre, said:

“A network of mentors and partners is critical to the success of TechX, so it’s very encouraging to see so many experienced individuals and organisations keen to support the next generation of technology companies.

“TechX is here help smaller technology developers take their solutions to market and we want to create a global technology hub in North East Scotland. We believe our unique proposition will help us achieve this, and we look forward to working with innovative, forward-thinking companies as we launch in December.”

Josh Valman, CEO and Founder, RPD International, which has signed up as a partner organisation, said:

“I genuinely think TechX is one of the most exciting accelerators. It’s an opportunity to get access to one of the most difficult industries in the world; the energy industry is not something you just walk into as a start-up.

“As a partner, we’ll provide access to our expertise and facilities to validate and test technology. We want to help start-ups bring their solutions to some of the biggest companies in the world and make a difference in the industry.”