This Is Milk digital transformation programme launch

By Al Morris

On the 25 July, Glasgow played host to the launch and information event for the This is Milk Digital Transformation Programme.

Sponsored by Grant Thornton LLP, it brought together some of the top minds in digital transformation from across the UK to discuss industry-wide issues and how this bespoke first for Scotland programme is already affecting real change, with the potential to grow globally.

More than 40 digital project professionals made their way to the Grant Thornton offices on Queen Street, to celebrate the launch of the programme as well as to find out more.

Hosted by the managing director of This is Milk, Angela Prentner-Smith, the evening was destined to challenge current perceptions of change solutions and leave everybody clear with exactly how the digital skills gap and the training of organisations/individuals should be paramount to tacking this ever-growing problem.

Started in June, the This is Milk Digital Transformation Programme has already trained more than 20 project professionals with the skills needed to facilitate change and empower career progression. With rave reviews and an ever-growing community, This is Milk is now looking to bring on the second cohort to the programme.

Programme feedback includes:

  • “Absolutely mind-blowing.  Interesting content, excellent delivery of training and exciting new tools that can immediately be used in my role.” – David Smith
  • “It was one of the best training courses I have ever been on. Informative, useful, fun.” – Maddie Stark
  • “More relevant than BCS” – Pamela Carroll

From investigating the problem to a launched solution in under six months, This is Milk is evolving a bespoke, truly agile programme that responds to the needs of the industry both now and in the future. It does this with the help of an in industry advisory board, extended thought leader network, specialist training suppliers, industry mentors and a tailored online community to harness the collective knowledge of the many to benefit the students on the programme.

The two key highlights of the launch and information evening came in the form of a presentation by renowned digital transformation strategist Simon Chan. He took on the challenge of discussing digital transformation without using the expected go-to businesses of Uber or Airbnb. After a short break, this was followed by a presentation by Angela Prentner-Smith about the programme itself.

If one thing is clear from the evening, it is that there is a real need and demand for change. Both individuals and businesses are taking on the challenge of bringing the skills of the future to those with the drive to make the change. To get involved or find out more about the This is Milk Digital Transformation Programme, you can visit here or contact the team at This is Milk who would be happy to discuss your options.

Al Morris is content and marketing executive at This Is Milk.