One of the big four professional services firms is looking to hire a range of digital and creative specialists in Edinburgh over the coming months. Deloitte Digital has studios in London and Belfast, as well as several around the world, but demand for its services in Scotland has prompted it to expand north of the border.

You may think of accounting and audit services when you hear the name Deloitte, but in the UK it has more than 1,700 technology specialists and a wider global team of more than 26,000 in 100 countries. The studio in Edinburgh is looking for experts in digital strategy, web design, cybersecurity, social media, mobile and digital delivery.

“Scotland has a vibrant digital economy and tech scene. All of our public and private sector clients in Scotland are keen to capitalise upon the new opportunities that digital can create,” said Angela Mitchell, the Deloitte Partner in Scotland that is leading the set-up of the studio.

“In addition to new routes to markets, more connected services, and the opportunity to create improved customer experiences, there is also huge potential for our clients to use digital to transform their businesses internally and deliver on their performance improvement and efficiency targets.”

As well as the studio, which is expected to employ 70 people by 2020, the company is also opening a ‘greenhouse’, a space in which it can help clients develop “disruptive, innovative and transformative solutions”. Mitchell added: “Our plan is to bring together all of our creative and technology capabilities, business acumen and industry insight that is needed to help transform our clients’ businesses.

“Clients bring us their challenges, we reimagine their future. To us, the question is about much more than ‘being digital’. It’s about how we use digital to inspire engagement, preference, and loyalty from people.

It’s about how we transform behaviours, services and organisations.

“To do that, businesses today need a different kind of partner – one that tears down the traditional model of creative, tech, and business services in-silo.

“Deloitte Digital is creating a new model – we’re an agency and a consultancy.

“With our combination of industry experts, technology leaders and creative specialists, clients can bring us their biggest challenges, knowing we’ve got what it takes to bring a new vision to life.”