Young people have grown up with information and services at their fingertips. Hey Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, to name but a few. They pay with contactless systems on their devices such as Apple Pay and interact with providers of services they consume via an app, and chat with customer advisors through AI-powered chat bots. 

How will they feel when they reach university or college for admission or enrolment day and are asked to join a lengthy queue? Or when they need advice they have to visit a helpdesk, rather than accessing the information they need quickly and efficiently through their mobile phone.

Fortunately, many service points in Higher and Further Education have now started to move online. But many questions remain: is your organisation do enough to provide services in the way those students might expect, with minimal effort expended on their part? And do you still email your students rather than provide the information automatically in a portal? Can your students access and review documents you hold on their behalf easily enough? Can complex inquiries be handled quickly and efficiently by staff with all the required information at their fingertips? Does your organisation provide staff and students with a genuine ‘One Student’ record? 

Imagine bringing all the information you hold on a student such as their core records, documents, notes of any interactions, case notes, attendance, financial, GDPR-related information and so forth together in a single interface accessible to those who need it. Imagine eliminating those thousands of manual processes and touch-points that accompany a student’s learning journey.

This surely would be a dramatic Digital Transformation. A move to a truly Digital Campus. This would affect every area of the campus from the first to the last day of a student’s journey. A transformation of a truly enormous magnitude. How long can you hold off?

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