Yoti is supporting Volunteer Edinburgh with digital volunteer ID cards issued directly to an individual’s phone. Volunteer Edinburgh is harnessing Yoti’s digital identity platform to remotely issue volunteers with digital ID cards directly to their phone. This innovative solution marks their commitment to safeguard recipients of the charity’s support and comes as part of Yoti’s free Covid-19 Pledge to organisations tackling the coronavirus crisis. The ID cards can be remotely issued to a volunteer’s phone, solving the current challenges of issuing and distributing traditional plastic cards posed by the ongoing health crisis. As the issuing authority, Volunteer Edinburgh can also update or revoke an ID card in real time. The contactless cards can be presented on screen or shared digitally via email or text, minimising the exchange of physical documents and possible contagion. Key features of the digital ID cards: ● A digital card to be presented on a phone screen. ● A mechanism to share verified details via text or email. ● A digital hologram that changes with the movement of the phone. ● A live QR code can be scanned by another Yoti app to check the validity of the ID. ● An audit trail of information shared. Volunteer Edinburgh supports some of the most vulnerable citizens in Edinburgh and is deploying 1,400 volunteers through the Scottish Government’s Scotland Cares initiative. It is critical they continue to safeguard recipients of their services during these complicated times and ensure volunteers have a secure way of proving their affiliation with the charity. Digital volunteer ID cards allow them to safely expand their volunteering efforts and deploy volunteers into the community with confidence. At the beginning of the pandemic, Yoti fast-tracked the NHS digital staff ID cards for the NHS England & Improvement, which have since been rolled out to NHSX and NHS Digital. Yoti has also issued digital ID cards to AgeUK, HelpMyStreet, Nottingham City Council, Nunhead Mutual Aid Group, and Volunteering Matters. To claim a digital ID card, individuals download the free Yoti app and secure their account with their phone number, PIN and a security selfie. This intrinsically links the individual to their account through advanced biometrics and ensures no one else can access or misassert their information. The issuing authority can then issue the ID card, which a user must approve before it appears on their home screen. All personal information is secured with 256-bit encryption and can only be unlocked by the user with their 5-digit PIN. Yoti’s security systems have been certified to meet SOC2 standards and are built in such a way that they cannot read, mine or sell data to third parties. Paul Wilson, Chief Officer at Volunteer Edinburgh said, “Yoti’s contribution to the Covid-19 pandemic response has been invaluable. Their support for Volunteer Edinburgh has allowed us to augment our already robust onboarding process for volunteers and means we can deploy our volunteers with greater safety and security. Being able to badge our authorised volunteers remotely and with such control is vital and gives the people we are supporting greater confidence in our volunteers and Volunteer Edinburgh.” Gordon Scobbie, Scotland Commercial Director at Yoti said, “Yoti is delighted to help Volunteer Edinburgh deploy their volunteers into the community with confidence and safeguard the vulnerable from fraudsters and scammers looking to exploit the current Covid-19 crisis. It’s been a pleasure to help the volunteering effort in Scotland and we look forward to helping out more organisations who need this kind of innovative digital solution.” Yoti is changing the way we prove our identity with our phone. Founded in 2014, Yoti’s global digital identity platform makes it easier and safer to who we are, online and in person. The free Yoti app empowers citizens with a reusable, digital ID which enables them to share less data. Yoti has also developed a suite of business solutions that span identity verification, age estimation, e-signing and AI anti-spoofing technologies. All personal information is secured with 256-bit encryption and our security systems have been certified to meet SOC2 standards. For more information visit www.yoti.com.