Glasgow-based building energy simulation firm, arbnco, has its sights on the US market as it prepares to join Scottish Development International’s first energy systems focused trade mission and learning journey to New York State.

The New York State Energy Plan estimated during the period 2015 to 2025 an investment of $30bn will be needed to replace New York’s aging electric transmission and distribution infrastructure, just to meet projected demand.

New York State is also a US leader in developing a policy environment to support the energy transition. Through its Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) programme the state is seeking to drive forward a strategy for a clean, resilient, and more affordable energy system, which encourages energy innovation and improves consumer choice.

The opportunities are significant and the mission will enable arbnco to engage with key industry bodies, utility companies, government bodies and potential partners. It will also provide a platform to build their knowledge and understanding about the opportunities in the State of New York and wider US market.

During the visit, arbnco will visit the Advanced Energy Conference, the largest in the New York region, and take part in a Scottish Showcase pitch at Urban Future Lab (UFL), New York City’s hub for smart cities, clean energy, and smart grid technology. UFL has raised $330m in capital across the 40 companies it has incubated to date.

Collaborating with world-leading research bodies, arbnco has helped firms reduce energy demand and improve energy efficiency in buildings with intuitive software solutions that use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to augment human knowledge and judgement.

“The trade mission is an exciting opportunity for us,” said Maureen Eisbrenner, co-founder and chairman of arbnco. “We have targeted Ireland and the USA as the first two countries to export to, and hope to establish a US office within the next twelve months. New York State is undergoing a huge energy transformation programme and we feel we can play a part in this, given our expertise in energy efficiency and energy modelling.”

Ewen Cameron Head of Trade & Investment, Energy at Scottish Development International, added: “The USA is an extremely important market for Scotland. There is significant potential for Scottish organisations to contribute towards New York State’s reforming energy vision.

“The mission and learning journey will help arbnco to really understand the market opportunity and where their products and services could add value. I wish them every success as they embark on this exciting journey.”