BLACKBX has announced a deal with US wireless networking solutions company LigoWave to deliver their pioneering guest WiFi software to the Chinese market and beyond.

The rapidly growing Edinburgh-based firm will also work with LigoWave to supply guest WiFi at internet access points in Germany, France, Italy, and across the Baltic nations, all the while eyeing further growth throughout the potentially lucrative Chinese market. Furthermore, the agreement should support BLACKBX in increasing its existing footprint globally thanks to LigoWave’s presence in some 150 countries.

Bundled package

The combined effort will see BLACKBX’s software come as a bundled package with all LigoWave hardware. Business owners using the system will be able to seamlessly access the suite of BLACKBX guest WiFi tools and analytic capabilities.

The software provides real-time customer analytics, enabling business owners to increase loyalty and generate revenue through targeted marketing and mailing lists. Unlike other WiFi solutions, BLACKBX’s software is empowering even small business owners to harness the power of data gathered on guests’ visits.

“Access to vast new markets”

Patrick Clover, founder of BLACKBX, said: “This is a great step forward for BLACKBX, we already have customers using our products in several countries in Europe, across the US, and Brazil. The partnership with a well-respected firm such as LigoWave provides us with access to a vast new market and builds on the success we have already achieved internationally.

“Regardless of where they are based, our approach is focused on giving the user the best possible experience whilst also providing a valuable service that brings genuine insight and enhanced customer engagement for the business owner.”

Universal cloud functionality

LigoWave specialises in indoor and outdoor wireless network equipment with universal cloud functionality. The focus is to deliver devices combining high performance and simplicity.

Ginte Packauskaite, Marketing Manager of LigoWave, commented: “We are truly impressed with the innovation and drive of BLACKBX as a business. It is a young company, but one that has already made quite a name for itself with guest WiFi. We believe that our hardware and their software and analytics tools will be a winning combination, empowering businesses all over the world with quality WiFi, data analytics, and clear insights on their customers.”

Businesses and venues using BLACKBX’s WiFi software typically experience an increase in users and customer engagement from day one. Venues are able to grow mailing lists quickly and gain vital insights into customer behaviour.