Leading Scottish businessman, Brian Williamson, has been appointed Chairman of Miigen, the innovative Stirling-based ‘digital time capsule’ company.

The appointment follows the sale in May of the recruitment business Brightwork, which he chaired for 10 years and his stepping down earlier this year from the role of managing director at Research and Development tax credit specialist, Jumpstart, where he remains a non-executive director.

He said: “Miigen is a deeply personal yet wholly interactive social media platform aimed at a global market of people over the age of 50, which at the moment stands around 1.71 billion and growing. I have accepted this appointment because of the significant potential of the business.

“Miigen touches all the right buttons for me. Craig Lemmon, Miigen’s CEO, has passion and energy combined with a fabulous entrepreneurial spirit and he is tech savvy. It is rare to find all of these qualities in one person. He will drive this business and fast.

“Miigen fills the gap that everyone is seeking and that is to answer the question about what you leave behind once you depart this world. This is a tool which will ensure you live in eternity through the memories you record and the knowledge and wisdom you leave behind.

“Normally legacy is the preserve of the rich and famous; Miigen, however, allows everyone to ensure their memory of their life is recorded using innovative technology.”

Despite being in the early stages, Miigen has already made inroads in the USA and has its eyes fixed on being a truly global company.

Mr Lemmon raised £250k in 7 days from fellow entrepreneurs, including Mr Williamson, earlier this summer. He said: “It may be because entrepreneurs understand the issue about legacy all too well. They want to be remembered and this may be why they related so much to this offering.

“Brian has 35 years’ experience of running companies at board level and just exited earlier this year from a business where he produced a return for the investors 75 times their original investment.”