Denmark is a small country with world-class innovations for the public sector.

FrontDesk is one of them.

In 2011’s Denmark, the world’s most digital public sector, FrontDesk was approached by a city, who could not find a proper queue management platform. A situation all too familiar, back when digitalisation and eGovernment were still in their early stages.

After doing a bit of research, the now chief executive and founder of FrontDesk, decided to build the system with his co-founder. They simply could not find a system that needed the special demands from the public sector.

Fast-forward 10 years: FrontDesk now serves over 15,000,000 citizens, students and businesses in the Nordics, Europe and North America. What started as a ”spare time project” is now the best queue and appointment management platform employing over 30 people across two continents – and counting!

A comprehensive queuing and appointment platform

FrontDesk Queue Management System is not only an innovative, intuitive and easy to use software platform that redefines appointments, queue and customer flow management – it is a whole new way of thinking.

The primary focus is on eliminating wait times in public service offices completely to improve the customer experience and employee engagement.

With so many features, FrontDesk also make it seamless to book appointments for other types of services such as immunizations, fitness classes and visits with case-workers etc.

Saving time and freeing up resources

When a local municipality introduced FrontDesk, the previous wait times citizens had to endure was around 40 minutes. After FrontDesk, the average wait time is now one minute and 11 seconds.

Many visits even have negative wait time, as the visitors are seen before their actual reservation. Not only is this great service for the visitors but staff now has a comprehensive overview of what their day and week look like.

Peak hours and over time are a thing of the past, as FrontDesk’s innovative scheduling tool spread visits out throughout the day.

A different municipality started to onboard online services to free up in-person ressources. Using FrontDesk to triage the visit, it lead to a 40% reduction in in-person visits. That way, valuable resources could be used for those, who could not use an online service. That is excellent customer service.

FrontDesk is a SaaS solution including both a queuing and appointment system