Increased digital support in the form of a new website will signpost services for parents at an Aberdeen children’s hospital.

NHS Grampian is launching the website in partnership with The Archie Foundation at the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital providing ‘linked services’ for young patients and families.  

Digital resources have been and will continue to be brought together on the site, making it easier for families to find support and advice that is specific to paediatric patients. 

Parents Akpobaro and Innocent Uwuijaren were asked to offer feedback on the new digital resource, after accessing both planned and emergency services in Aberdeen recently.

Their daughter, Evangeline, who is 11, is being treated by the orthopaedic team for a painful flat foot condition, with an operation on one foot last December.

And last week, her brother, Emmanuel, 15, was taken under the wing of orthopaedic consultant Mr Mike Reidy when he dislocated his collar bone playing rugby in February.

Mum Akpobaro, a nurse at the nearby dental school, said: “The staff at the children’s hospital are so friendly and helpful. Our children talk freely with Mr Reidy who has such a great listening ability and rapport with them, and our experience has been very, very good.

“I think it’s really good there’s a new website with information that is specific to treatment for children. It will be particularly important for after you leave hospital, being able to find aftercare information and helpful reminders that you know you can trust.” 

The website, which has been developed by The Archie Foundation with input from teams across the hospital, is the next step in the hospital’s digitalisation agenda. The idea was championed by NHS Grampian Major Trauma Coordinator, Nina Currie, who first brought together a group of colleagues to work on it in 2021. She has been supported by colleagues including Mr Reidy and Sara Wilson, lead for occupational therapy.  

Sara’s team was offering digital appointments two years before the pandemic and is relieved to have an online repository for a whole host of guides designed to help parents support their young ones with developing or regaining core skills, such as balance.  
She said: “Having a strong online presence is really important to us and we should be encouraging digital approaches which can save time for families as well as staff. Parents pull out their phones, not a leaflet, and we need to keep up with the times.  
“The pandemic proved to me you have to have a digital presence as you just don’t know what’s around the corner, and having our strategies on this new website is a massive bonus. It will mean we can add online referral forms in time, videos and more. Our physiotherapy colleagues developed an advice line, which occupational therapy now also have, and both teams can promote the advice line via this website. Some teams have used social media for a while and this website is the icing on the cake. VR next!  We’re really grateful to Archie for their support.”