An Edinburgh connectivity specialist is opening an office in the US to help state and territorial governments deliver high-speed broadband.

Farrpoint will move into Boston, Massachusetts, to work with American consultancy firm Vernonburg Group in response to ‘unprecedented opportunities’ to roll out broadband.

The two companies will combine their expertise and resources to create a ‘one stop shop’ of support services to accelerate the delivery of broadband programmes.

Services on offer will include programme design, connectivity mapping, procurement exercises and deployment assurance.

This will leverage federal funding across multiple broadband programmes, including the BEAD (Broadband Equity Access and Deployment) programme. 

Established in 2006, FarrPoint first expanded overseas with the opening of a Canadian office and subsidiary in early 2020.

The company is advising the UK and Canadian governments on broadband and mobile infrastructure programmes, including the UK’s nationwide Project Gigabit investment. 

Vernonburg Group advises governments, internet service providers, connectivity hardware and solution providers and non-profits on various aspects of closing the digital divide.

This includes digital equity programme design and implementation, large scale project feasibilities, public and private sector fundraising, broadband mapping and economic modelling, broadband policy and regulation, and market research and risk assessment. 

FarrPoint brings extensive experience of broadband design and procurements to the table, while Vernonburg Group’s expertise majors on US policy, strategy, and adoption.

Dr Andrew Muir, CEO and founder of FarrPoint, said: “Improved digital connectivity is vital to support growing economic activity and sustain communities, and that’s equally true on both sides of the Atlantic.

“Our extensive experience in the UK and Canada stands us in good stead to support the US market. We’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge on the selection of broadband suppliers through major procurement programmes, together with the deployment management that follows.

“Signing a contract is not the end of the job and both grant holders and supplier recipients need to be prepared for the challenges of rollout. Our knowledge and experience of these stages will help US states and territories meet these challenges ahead. Partnering with Vernonburg Group will allow us to deliver our breadth of experience to new US clients.”

Paul Garnett, CEO and founder of Vernonburg Group, said: “Affordable high-speed internet connectivity is now essential to everyday life. Unprecedented funding for broadband has created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring affordable high-speed connectivity to every unserved and underserved household in the United States, as well as programmes that increase adoption of digital services. With this funding, universal and affordable high-speed connectivity can be achieved.

“We are excited to partner with FarrPoint and leverage our combined expertise to help state and territorial governments get the most out of available broadband funds.”