Increasing safety, boosting security and accelerating digital transformation

With digital transformation and ever-smarter operations promising new levels of efficiency, business performance and competitive advantage, the need for guaranteed connectivity across your sites is critical. While it’s the applications that ultimately deliver the business value – the automated processes, remote control operations and smart sensor data feeding advanced analytics engines – it’s the communications infrastructure that enables operational continuity and underpins your success. To drive this transformation, the right coverage and capacity is required to ensure round-the-clock real-time connectivity. Cellnex UK’s resilient and built-for-purpose 4G and 5G Private Networks deliver your use cases by connecting your applications, assets and people.

Why Private Networks?

The scale and complexity of many of today’s industrial facilities and operations means that conventional public network and WiFi options struggle to meet the connectivity needs of organisations. Many are in rural, hard to reach or remote locations – as in the case of mining operations – where public mobile coverage is limited. Others – like ports, airports and manufacturing facilities – are forced to compete with millions of consumers for wireless bandwidth.

WiFi networks offer an alternative. However, these are less secure, less able to support seamless mobility of connected devices, and can often be prone to interference or contention problems caused by other systems using the same radio frequencies. Added to which, deploying WiFi networks at scale requires extensive cabling and device infrastructure that can be costly to install and difficult to maintain

Key features of a Private Network

  • Purpose-built 4G/5G network – delivering the coverage and capacity you need, where you need it
  • Guaranteed, always-on connectivity eliminates service outages and assures continuity of operations
  • Secure, private spectrum restricts access from outside and delivers data protection and compliance as standard
  • Enables automation, AI and robotics to increase efficiency, streamline operations and reduce cost
  • Delivers the ability to track and monitor assets and employees to increase site and worker safety
  • Managed by a single, experienced partner to cut through the complexity, deliver a bespoke solution and eliminate investment risk.

Eight business critical applications

By guaranteeing connectivity, private networks enable a vast range of performance-enhancing applications and use cases across multiple sectors. Typical use cases for private network connectivity include:

  1. Data analytics.

Monitor operations in real-time and utilise smart sensor data – increasingly in combination with artificial intelligence and machine learning – to make fast and well-informed decisions.

  • Video surveillance and geolocation.

To secure sites and show the location of workers. ‘Wrong place’ alerts can be sent to keep people away from dangerous operations.

  • Tracking moving assets.

Leverage autonomous vehicle technology and software guidance systems to provide 360° situational awareness of mobile assets.

  • Automation.

Monitor independently operating robots and enabling the removal of manual repetitive tasks.

  • Predictive maintenance.

Assure operational continuity through assisted and proactive maintenance.

  • Environmental monitoring.

Use sensor data to assess air quality for CO2 or other contaminants such as chemicals, gases and flammable liquids, and trigger alerts.

  • Workforce health.

Receive feedback data from in-vehicle cameras and personal health devices to continually ‘health check’ workers in hazardous or high-stress environments.

  • Emergency management systems.

Enable safety options such as ‘person down’ applications, including live video streaming for remote medical triage

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