The Open University’s 2021 Business Barometer found that more than six in ten Scottish employers were experiencing a skills shortage. In the era of ‘The Great Resignation’ employers need to find new ways to both retain staff through career pathways and attract them into the organisation.

Graduate Apprenticeships (GAs) are becoming more established in Scotland as one way of addressing skills challenges, in particular digital capability. In a webinar next month, hosted by The Open University in Scotland, William Murray, skills planning manager (digital), Skills Development Scotland, will share findings from a new report into graduate apprenticeships. The annual progress report looks at the experiences of more than 3,500 employers working for more than 500 employers, as graduate apprenticeships play an increasingly vital role in helping economic recovery.

The panel will also include Capgemini’s Louise Macbean, apprentice programmes manager and Andrea Robertson, security team manager. Andrea is undertaking a graduate apprenticeship – BSc Hons cybersecurity and is learning new high-level skills on the job. The webinar provides the opportunity to hear more about the experiences of Capgemini and how the company is utilising graduate apprenticeships to address business priorities.

Suzanne McQuade, business relationships manager (Scotland) said: “Scottish Apprenticeship Week is a great chance to not only celebrate the benefits of graduate apprenticeships, but also raise their profile as important pathways to develop digital talent.

“The traditional full-time university route is not for everyone, and in this webinar you will discover how apprenticeships can work for all ages and different careers stages. The work-based style of learning also opens doors to different types of learners.

“We are fortunate to have the expertise of William Murray from Skills Development Scotland, who brings a unique perspective of what Graduate Apprenticeships can bring to a business. Furthermore, our webinar will be brought to life by our guests from Capgemini, who will share the company’s fantastic learning culture and explain why Graduate Apprenticeships are part of that success.”