Fujitsu has ambitions to strengthen its relationship with the Scottish Government as a digital transformation partner

Now is a critical moment to invest in public sector technology services. If the Scottish Government is to deliver the best outcomes from its public service agenda, it must take bold decisions that plan for the ambition of tomorrow, while addressing the demands of today.

It is time to enable the committed and ambitious reform programme that fully harnesses the power of data, to optimise that spending, and to do so while ensuring continuity of service to citizens and to public servants.

Recognising the ambition of the Scottish Government to embrace the power of technology, Fujitsu is committed to investing in Scotland and collaborating with the Scottish Government to help improve public service outcomes.

Fujitsu is a trusted partner to public and private sector organisations around the world and
brings a breadth of global expertise informed by our Japanese heritage to tackle the business and societal challenges that our customers face.

As a long-term strategic partner to government, particularly in tax, trade, defence and public protection, Fujitsu is committed to delivering radical change and partnering with our customers to help them achieve digital transformation successfully.

Having worked with the UK Government for more than 40 years as a strategic supplier, and supported countries across the globe, such as Estonia throughout the establishment of its truly world-leading e-government platforms, we are excited to collaborate closely with the Scottish Government.

Fujitsu’s public sector business is growing in Scotland, having won a significant contract to deliver the electronic counting (e-counting) for Scottish Local Government Elections ahead of the 2022 elections.

Alongside our partners, elections software and services supplier Idox and Elite Training, we will provide an end-to-end e-counting solution.

This includes the provision of software infrastructure, the printing and distribution of all ballot papers, counting and results, as well as training and support needs for each local authority. E-counting has been used in Scotland’s local government elections since 2007 and this new contact builds on the success of the technology, creating new efficiencies and greater levels of support.

It also ensures high quality digital services that will enable accurate and secure election results to be delivered quickly.

We hope this will be a springboard to help implement improved service delivery across Scotland.
To realise the priorities of the Scottish Government and public sector organisations across the country, we have a vision for the future that embraces innovation across sectors, re-imagines how we use data, utilises cutting edge technologies such as quantum computing and aims to transform the way
that citizens interact with the state to access improved public services.

Fujitsu was delighted to exhibit at Digital Scotland 2021 last month, which provided an unrivalled opportunity to connect with the public sector leaders who will be at the forefront of delivering on the transformation that will be key to the future of Scotland.

Building on our existing base working across the public and private sector in Scotland, we have ambitions to strengthen our relationship with the Scottish Government as a digital transformation partner. Using our global expertise in digital transformation and technology adoption, we will drastically improve public service outcomes and help Scotland realise its full potential in a digital world.