Businesses on an industrial estate in a small village outside Stirling are among the first in the UK to use a connectivity solution designed by Facebook.

More than 25 organisations on the Bandeath estate in Throsk are hooking up to a gigabit broadband wireless mesh system created by the tech giant.

Stirling Council funded the Bandeath Industrial Estate Business Association scheme with a near £50,000 grant so they could install Facebook’s Terragraph technology.

The system is able to deliver in excess of 100mbps internet to the units – one of the first times this innovative wireless system has been used in a UK business park.

Bandeath Industrial Estate is located in the small village of Throsk to the east of Stirling. A wide range of businesses and organisations are based there, including the council’s Bandeath Dog Shelter. 

Cllr Margaret Brisley, convener of Stirling Council’s finance and economy committee, said: “Fast and reliable internet access is essential for businesses to unleash their full potential and boost growth so the completion of this project is fantastic news for Bandeath-based companies and the wider Stirling economy.

“We are delighted to have worked in partnership with the local business community to deliver a bespoke broadband solution that meets their needs using state-of-the-art technology. 

“We have already received positive feedback on the new network from our dog shelter and other companies on the estate.

“Collaborating with rural residents and businesses has been key to the programme’s success so far and we will continue this approach when rolling out this life-changing connectivity to more of Stirling’s rural communities.” 

Future developments on a 20-acre site north of the industrial estate will also be able to access the vastly improved connectivity. 

Mark Smith, operations manager of CMM Pools, a swimming pool repair and maintenance company based at Bandeath, said: “The new network has made a huge difference to our business as previously our internet speed was very slow and we struggled to work online efficiently. 

“Our administrative tasks and online client management system are wholly dependent on our broadband connection, and the ultrafast speed means we can work much more efficiently and make better use of our time. 

“This project will deliver significant benefits to businesses in the estate and is the result of a really positive partnership with the association, Stirling Council and the supplier – a big thanks to everyone involved.”

Stirling Council’s Rural Broadband Programme helps rural communities develop alternative ultrafast broadband solutions by providing funding as well as technical and project management support from a Rural Broadband Officer.  

There are now 11 completed projects in rural areas of Stirling as a result of the scheme, with over 1,000 homes and businesses securing ultrafast connectivity.

Terragraph networks are built on very high-speed resilient equipment, where a small low power device is mounted on a building and communicates with units to form a mesh wireless network. Stirling-based provider Briskona designed, built and will manage the network.