Hugo Fiennes, a hardware manager for the first four models of the iPhone, is to give the keynote at the 5th CENSIS Technology Summit in Glasgow this autumn.

Fiennes, founder and chief executive of IoT connectivity platform Electric Imp, also designed the hardware architecture for the Nest thermostat, invented by iPod co-creator Tony Faddell.

“A maker at heart, Hugo has always loved building things and making them work,” commented CENSIS chief executive Ian Reid.”

After working for several years on networked and portable MP3 players, Hugo was lured to Apple with the promise of working on ‘a really really cool product.’

“That turned out to be the iPhone, and Hugo led the hardware team through the first four generations of the iconic device, before moving on to build the first Nest thermostat.

“Hugo realised that connected devices were going to change the world but only if they were secure, maintainable, and flexible – and so Electric Imp was born. Join us to hear Hugo’s thoughts on how IoT is changing the business world.”

Electronic Imp says on its website: “The Internet of Things (IoT) is the most revolutionary technology since the Industrial Revolution. Billions of connected devices are changing how we work, play, and live.

“Our mission at Electric Imp is to transform the world through the power of connectivity.

“We solve complex connectivity, security, and lifecycle management challenges so customers can get their IoT connected devices to market quickly — going from proof-of-concept to commercial products in mere months.”

The Summit will be chaired by Melinda Matthews-Clarkson, chief executive of CodeClan.

As CEO of CodeClan, Scotland’s first digital skills academy, Melinda is responsible for championing the growing digital sector by supporting and encouraging individuals into the world of software development.

Her experience as a Global VP of Software Sales and Marketing for ISVs and Alliances at IBM, has given her an insight on how the world embraces technology for commercial and social success.

Registration for the Tech Summit on 8 November is open.