Unilink, an award-winning provider of cutting-edge integrated solutions for the criminal justice sector, is shaping the world of corrections.

We are a UK company with offices in the UK, the Netherlands, South Africa and Australia growing rapidly because of our unique innovative products.  We pride ourselves as the world leader in prisoner self-service, communications and offender management software developed since 2001. Unilink’s services enable efficient safe running of prisons and are academically proven to help rehabilitation.

We are delighted to be a part of the Digital Prisons project in England & Wales with HMP Wayland and HMP Berwyn already installed, six more just beginning to use the system and another thirteen in preparation. We have a long track record of helping prisoners and staff adjust to very different ways of working as our software is at work at all privately operating prisons in the UK where it has carried out over 1,500,000,000 prisoner transactions. We are a Queen’s Award – winning British SME that does all its development here.

Unilik also provides web-based services: email-a- prisoner (emap) and a secure payment service for friends and family of prisoners. HMP Kilmarnock had been extensively using the new online emap and is the first secure establishment in the UK to introduce two- way messaging to kiosks which has increased the messaging by fifty times. Andrew Hill, Head of Performance and Compliance at HMP Kilmarnock points out that the implementation of the service reduced paper handling, contraband and frustration while increasing security. “Email a prisoner is a wonderful and necessary service for prisoners and their family and friends” LK, Glasgow.

Professor Cynthia McDougall OBE (York University) and Dr Dominic Pearson (Portsmouth University) carried out the world’s first academic research into the effect of Unilink’s self-service technology and found that it significantly helps rehabilitation.

Research findings also include:

93% agree the system is easy to use

94% increase in completions of   Offending Behaviour Programmes

4% observed reduction in reoffending

75% reduction in violent incidents

20% reduction in proven disciplinary hearings “adjudications” against prisoners

12% reduction in staff sickness absence

For more information enquiries@unilink.com or visit www.unilink.com