Heriot-Watt University and leading businesses from a range of sectors have formed a unique global collaboration which aims to drive economic recovery while addressing the challenges faced by this year’s graduates. The Future Made for Success 2020 programme is designed to help students start their careers in industry during this challenging time and allow industry to shape the workforce, driving growth and economic recovery post COVID-19. The programme is the first step in Heriot-Watt’s ambitious recovery prospectus designed to support an inclusive economic recovery. After welcoming yesterday’s publication from the Scottish Government’s Advisory Group on Economic Recovery, Heriot-Watt has outlined how the University can leverage its core expertise in research, business, teaching and talent development, to help in the huge effort required. An education and innovation-led approach is essential to build the workforce and leaders of the future, who are fully prepared for the challenges of the post-Covid workplace. The University’s education-led response places industry collaboration and partnerships at its core and uses its research strengths to develop the workforce of the future. Future Made for Success includes a unique, virtual enterprise development programme, which graduates can sign up to here before 3rd July, and an enhanced package of careers support. Additionally, a series of industry sponsored scholarships, worth 30% of tuition fees, will allow students to consider 30 different MSc postgraduate courses building ‘in-demand’ skills in subjects including Data Science, Renewable Energy Engineering, A.I., Robotics and International Fashion Marketing. Global businesses from the financial, energy and retail sectors have joined the programme in a bid to solve pressing business challenges, explore new opportunities and develop innovative solutions in collaboration with graduates. Despite the downturn, many businesses are committed to developing their talent pools, accelerating innovation and driving sustainable growth. Dr Gill Murray, Deputy Principal for Enterprise and Business at Heriot-Watt University, said: “With a focus on talent and innovation as key drivers for recovery, the University aims to actively address post-Covid-19 socio-economic challenges and propel long-term sustainable growth. “We are bringing together leading businesses and student talent from our global campuses to tackle the immediate challenges and opportunities faced in the post-COVID period. By collaborating across disciplines and connecting with highly respected industry partners, we have high hopes that the programme will deliver practical solutions with global impact. “Our industry partners are ready to share valuable knowledge and expertise with our graduate attendees while benefiting from the creativity and innovative ideas that our students bring. The enterprise development programme will teach recent graduates about the commercial feasibility of solutions, develop their understanding of business operations, and enhance their knowledge of sales, intellectual property and finance. Through supporting and developing the future workforce, this collaboration is building the talent base which will help to support the economy during the current crisis and beyond. “Heriot-Watt has a proud history of graduate employability and we are the leading university in Scotland for graduate salaries. As we face unprecedented times, we want to ensure we are offering our students the best possible chance of success in the challenging job market they will now enter. This programme reflects Heriot-Watt’s collaborative ethos and its approach to the practical application of our excellent research. We are particularly interested in attracting graduates from the fields of Business Management, Data Science, AI, Robotics, Software and Energy.” Organisations already participating include Cisco, Schneider, Santander, LVMH, James Dyson Foundation, Business in the Community, Filament and Dar Group. Robyn Gilmour, Head of Marketing, Business Development and Communications, Dar UK, said: “This programme will help equip business leaders of the future with the skills and knowledge needed to drive innovation and growth following the global pandemic. It provides graduates with a coveted opportunity to present their work to companies and investors, while interacting closely with business, through receiving industry mentorship and tackling real world challenges, building valuable networks and making connections. Students will be better positioned than ever to drive forward their careers in industry.” Heriot-Watt University has five global campuses including Edinburgh, Dubai and Malaysia with graduating students from a range of disciplines already signed up for the 2020 programme. More information about the Future Made for Success Programme, including details about the industry scholarships available to postgraduate students, is available online.