Cyber defence of 30+ countries trust Recorded Future to tackle the most difficult intelligence, security, and risk challenges.

Quick stats

Recorded Future’s clients are:

  • Cyber defence of 30+ countries
  • 150+ global government, defence, intelligence, and law enforcement organisations
  • 1,400+ clients globally

Many of the most critical government organisation operations rely on intelligence from Recorded Future to protect their digital and physical assets. For the past 13 years, Recorded Future has been working with government clients from countries around the world to manage their risk and proactively protect their organisations from a world of threats. Here are some of the stories of government client’s successes with intelligence:

Identifying Election Threats with Broad Source Coverage & Deep Analysis

A Middle Eastern CERT used Recorded Future’s Advanced Query Builder to monitor their country’s election and build relevant queries to investigate and hunt for threats, enabling them to promptly and appropriately react to the relevant findings.

Remediation of Active Cyber Threats Targeting Government Entities

When a large percentage of their staff were impacted by the conti trickbot malspam campaign, Recorded Future proactively notified a European Security Organisation of the campaign, allowing the organisation to take immediate action over the weekend to remediate the damage.

Monitoring War on Ukraine with Finished Intelligence

Recorded Future’s geopolitical and cyber Insikt notes have helped a Government Defence Organisation develop situational awareness and keep relevant stakeholders apprised of the war in Ukraine. Recorded Future’s platform has also helped the team to identify trends and understand border activity.

Platform & Analyst Support to Achieve Mission Success

A Latin American Defence Organisation’s technology executives reported that Recorded Future’s intelligence is the most critical intelligence technology they own. Unlike other intelligence vendors, Recorded Future has ensured success and technical delivery since the team was first onboarded.

Using Finished Intelligence to Uncover a Government Breach

Recorded Future alerted a European CERT of a major company in their country’s compromise and their data being sold online. On their own, the CERT found it challenging to obtain the context they needed on the incident to appropriately protect their country. As a result, Recorded Future’s Insikt Group worked with the organisation to provide valuable intelligence on the situation.

Real-Time Vulnerability Monitoring & Prioritisation

A Middle Eastern Regulatory Agency effectively prioritises vulnerabilities by using Risk Scores to find the real risk associated with vulnerabilities and determine what most urgently needs to be patched. The organisation also reports that they rely on the Insikt Group’s reporting on Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) to better understand the threat landscape.

Proactively Monitoring Third-Party Risk for Government Suppliers

A European Legal Agency uses Third-Party Intelligence to get a holistic view of their suppliers’ risks to understand how to safeguard their data appropriately. The agency also uses this intelligence to accurately inform their wider team on their overall third-party risk.

Research from Insikt Group Saves Time Investigating Threat Actors

An Asia Pacific Security Agency noted that the Insikt Group’s research has provided a trustworthy source for investigating threat actors, saving them valuable time and effort.