Ajenta are excited to be part of Digital Scotland 2018, participating in the discussion around innovation and the potential of technology within healthcare.

Since start-up, Ajenta have been instrumental in the disruption of the healthcare sector, helping build some of the leading video-enabled healthcare services such as Push Doctor, Doctor Care Anywhere and many others supporting more than 10,000 video consultations per week.

Vscene, the video collaboration platform for education and research previously provided by Jisc is now fully owned and operated by Ajenta. This unique service is used to facilitate teaching to schools FE, HE and research. The service is also used across the NHS within the UK for learning as well as provide a highly secure infrastructure for the support of video enabled telehealth and telecare.

Ajenta have helped solve some of the problems faced in rural areas across both education and healthcare. We help deliver core-curriculum across a common video platform for the Western Isles/e-Sgoil, The Highland Council, Aberdeenshire, UHI as well as many schools, colleges and universities within rural Wales, assisting in closing the attainment gap for the UK as a whole. For healthcare, connecting with a doctor at any time in any location drastically improves the quality of life for many at much less cost than the legacy models of public healthcare

Ajenta are keen to participate further in supporting the Scottish Government achieve its wider goals of driving digital transformation. Our expertise in developing leading technology quickly and effectively means we can bring innovation to the table at a faster pace than the typically large corporate entities that are commonly awarded the tenders.

Ajenta are partnered with SWAN to deliver our platform to the government and the public-sector to enable further value from their SWAN offering which opens the door to further digital projects and provide an easier procurement route to enable the delivery of rapid innovation and digital adoption.