KELA, the leading provider of actionable cyber threat intelligence, has announced the launch of its revolutionary new and consolidated cyber intelligence platform.

It consists of a new intuitive, sleek, and easy-to-navigate user interface and four complementary modules: Threat Landscape, Monitor, Hunt, and Tactical Intelligence.

Each course provides real, actionable intelligence to support various security teams across an organisation in their efforts to uncover threats and proactively prevent digital crimes.

The platform’s innovative approach positions KELA as the go-to solution for organisations seeking to stay ahead of cyber threats.

Four modules provide ‘unparalleled intelligence’

Raveed Laeb, vice president of product at KELA, said: “With the launch of our new and innovative cyber intelligence platform, KELA sets the standard for user experience in the industry.

“While security teams struggle with producing actionable insights to effectively neutralise threats, we put our customers’ interests first.

“Our four seamlessly integrated modules provide unparalleled intelligence to security professionals at every level, giving them the power to proactively protect their organisations and nations by connecting the dots and gaining a comprehensive understanding of targeted threats in real-time.”

The Threat Landscape module offers high-level intelligence on the ever-changing cybercrime ecosystem, including dashboards of top trends, daily highlights, and finished intelligence feed by KELA’s cyber intelligence experts.

It includes ransomware events, network access on sale, leaked databases, and new threats across all sectors to deliver high-level executives with effective, strategic information, thus enabling informed decisions on the next steps.

The Hunt module helps analysts to perform successful threat hunting and deepen their cyber investigations with contextualized intelligence insights as to attackers’ TTPs, threat actor profiles and identities, hacking discussions, and more.

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The Monitor module supports operational security roles by providing attack surface and asset management capabilities. It alerts on targeted threats specifically aimed at the organization by analyzing the adversary’s perspective of the organization’s external attack surface and maintaining proactive network defense.

The Tactical Intelligence module, available via Snowflake Marketplace, provides SOC teams with automated detection and monitoring of potentially compromised IPs and domains involved in cybercrime activity.

This actionable real-time threat intelligence enables defenders to identify and neutralise cyber threats they were unaware of, proactively informing them of potential assets used by attackers and ultimately protecting their organisations from the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

With their synergistic integration, these four modules form an unparalleled intelligence platform for top-tier businesses, law enforcement agencies, and government organisations worldwide, empowering them to automatically uncover previously hidden risks and proactively thwart digital crimes with 100 per cent real, actionable intelligence.

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