Product Forge and Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems to run competitive hackathon at CodeBase in Edinburgh later this autumn. 

Entrepreneurially minded data scientists and analysts, clinicians, designers, and software engineers, will collaborate in small teams over three days and nights to develop innovative products, services, or tools, that would help solve challenges that benefit patients and the work of healthcare professionals.

Product Forge in collaboration with Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems will be running a competitive hackathon at CodeBase in Edinburgh Thursday 2 November.  Medical Visualisation Product Forge will have a focus on projects or collaborations that utilise innovations in medical visualisation to deliver improved clinical pathways, and precision medicine tailored to the individual patient.

Teams made up of participants from a range of background and with varying skillsets will work on a product prototype with the assistance of medical professionals, and mentors from the tech community.

It is an opportunity to bring together medical professionals and digital expertise in order to solve real challenges surrounding medical visualisation, while also expanding professional networks.

All participants will receive mentoring, 10 free meals, 24 hour access to the venue, and the top ranking teams can access support to develop their concept beyond the event.

Register here.