Nalytics launches ‘subject access request’ (SAR) module for law firms

Glasgow, London and Amsterdam based search, discovery and analysis platform Nalytics has launched a new module for managing subject access requests (SARs).

With the forthcoming GDPR, individuals will have the right to obtain access to any personal information and data that is held on them and processed by an organisation. The compulsory response time for SARs under the GDPR will be reduced, with organisations, including law firms, required to respond to a SAR within one month of receipt.

“Processing subject access requests in that time will inevitably put a strain on law firms’ resources,” said Margaret Warrington, Nalytics’ product manager. “Typically, a law firm might spend anywhere from one to 10 days on a SAR – this can be reduced to a matter of hours using the Nalytics SAR module.”

Approved suppliers to the Law Society of Scotland, Nalytics legal sector customers will be able to use this new module to manage their own SARs more effectively and efficiently.

Warrington added: “Not only can Nalytics significantly reduce the time spent on finding personally identifiable information (PII) by searching large volumes of data in seconds, it can also redact sensitive information, which potentially could be overlooked in a manual search. Nalytics makes it easier, faster and more cost effective to prepare responses to SARs.”

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