An IT and business consulting firm has invested in award-winning software which will modernise and streamline health and social care services in Glasgow.

The upgrade in IT systems for Glasgow City’s Health and Social Care Partnership will achieve a multitude of benefits for health and social care workers as well as residents in Scotland’s largest city.

CGI, which provides IT services to Glasgow City Council, have financed OLM’s ECLIPSE platform, an integrated and accessible system with “intuitive and easy-to-use software” that operates on one database.

Glasgow’s health and social care staff will now be able to work from anywhere, including from service users’ homes, and make time savings through better technology, resulting in improved services for service users.

The system will securely hold information on Social Work service users, which includes social care services provided to children and families, adults and older people, carers’ support services, homelessness services, mental health services, alcohol and drug services, criminal justice services and welfare rights services.

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: “Multimedia capability along with text to voice functionality will improve the immediacy and quality of recording. The flexibility and intelligence built into the system along with the best practice configuration will make it much easier for staff to record required information and therefore make processes more efficient overall, resulting in improved services for service users. Secure electronic communication and sharing of information will be much more available, improving the security and speed of communications and saving time and postage.”

 Other key benefits of the new software that should drive operational efficiency and improve the outcomes for service users include:

  • Capability to standardise service user records and processes, creating one source of truth
  • Removal of duplication & reduction in use of paper based systems / processes
  • Provide a mobile working solution, improving efficiency
  • Rationalisation of the systems and processes
  • Stable, supported and maintained systems to enable critical service delivery

During the implementation of ECLIPSE, the joint teams at Glasgow City Council, CGI and OLM will work together to digitally transform, refine and streamline current council processes, using OLM’s best-practice forms and procedures as its base, before amending it to support local practices. CGI is among the largest independent IT and business consulting services firms in the world and OLM is a UK-based unique software and services organisation.

Sharon Wearing, Chief Officer, Finance and Resources, Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “We look forward to working with CGI and OLM to implement ECLIPSE. A single cloud platform covering case management, citizen engagement, finance and commissioning will be more convenient and efficient. ECLIPSE will help deliver better services by improving our strategic response to service users. The platform supports our needs now and is adaptable for future requirements.”

Richard Johnson, Scotland Director OLM said: “Glasgow City Council and CGI are strategic and key partners for OLM and we are delighted to continue our journey with them supporting their digital transformation across the city. The ECLIPSE platform increases efficiency and gives health and social care professionals the time and information they need to achieve more positive outcomes for service users. Uniquely, ECLIPSE is adaptable for the future and is the only solution that meets the Scottish Government’s Cloud First agenda and the Scottish Digital Health and Care Strategy on Cloud.  We will be there as a partner at every step to support Glasgow City Council and CGI in its essential work to continually improve the lives of children, young people and adults in the city.”

Lindsay McGranaghan, Vice-President and Scotland Business Unit Lead for CGI, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with OLM in the rollout of its ECLIPSE platform throughout Glasgow. ECLIPSE is a further example of the exciting transformation in digital and IT that CGI has been delivering in Scotland’s largest city since 2017, including the provision of an integrated citizen digital experience across a range of council services which encompasses health and social care. With our new Scottish headquarters also established in Glasgow, we look forward to continuing to help to progress Glasgow’s smart city ambitions.”

Dmytro Zinkevych/