A new workshop service has been launched to help Scottish businesses solve problems in a post-pandemic era using the power of creative thinking.

The Edinburgh-based digital enterprise, Hink, was founded by Scottish entrepreneurs Lee Fitzpatrick and Jake Murray.

It has been partly financed by the Scottish Government and Business Gateway-funded DigitalBoost Development Grant, which was launched in 2020 to help businesses do more online and support the Scottish economy in these challenging times.

Hink hopes to support business owners and organisations of all sizes, across all industries, using a diverse mix of creative exercises and business tools.

The ‘Hink approach’ replaces open discussions and brainstorming with a structured process that leads to ‘more ideas, clearer decisions, and better outcomes.’

Co-founder Lee Fitzpatrick said: “2020 was a year of significant change, where even the smallest challenges have become difficult to navigate. We’ve been inspired by the resilient approach taken by business leaders and their teams during this period. Our workshops have been designed to facilitate the clear and creative thinking that is required, right now.”

Hink’s workshops include Quick Fire Decision Making, Lightning Sprint, Lego Serious Play, and Design Sprint 2.0.

Using creative problem-solving techniques to ensure their workshops are interactive and goal orientated, the aim is to deliver value and clarity for all participants.

Fitzpatrick added: “We believe that matching the right person with the right problem, is the key to a successful workshop outcome. That’s why we’re growing a network of workshoppers from across the globe to help solve your business challenges. From culture and team building to brand positioning and product development, there’s no business problem we can’t solve thanks to our diverse team of Hinkers.”

Currently, all Hink workshops will be delivered remotely via Zoom through interactive software facilitating an engaging environment.

There are long-term plans is to bring businesses together physically in an ‘inspiring and engaging’ environment, when safe to do so.

Hink is currently offering free 45-minute support sessions for all businesses across Scotland, providing them with the opportunity to discuss their challenges, meet experienced workshoppers, and explore workshop solutions.

For more information visit www.hink.co