Pupils, parents and teachers in Moray are being encouraged to download an app designed to protect children in the digital world.

All schools in the region have been registered with the Safer Schools digital platform, which provides free online safety advice and resources.

Moray Council’s digital learning team were on hand at New Elgin and Pilmuir primary schools last week to speak with families about the benefits of the app and championing cyber safety in and out of the classroom.

The online portal offers support and guidance on how to stay safe on the internet, and how to approach tricky conversations about online safety.

Vivienne Cross, Moray Council’s head of education, is encouraging families to continue the discussion about staying safe online, at home.

She said: “Reinforcing the messaging young people get at school about staying safe online will help give parents and carers peace of mind that they’re helping their children to develop safe and positive online habits in the increasingly-digitised world.”

Safer Schools is a partnership between insurance company Zurich Municipal and child protection company Ineqe Safeguarding Group, and is available to all schools in Moray that have insurance with Zurich Municipal.

Access to the app is free, and once downloaded parents or guardians can select their child’s school from the list, then enter 7440 for primary parents or guardians, or 7675 for secondary parents or guardians.

Colin Stitt, Ineque Safeguarding Group’s head of Safer Schools, said: “Teaching our children and young people how to stay safe online can feel daunting, but we should never take their safety in a digital world for granted; being tech savvy can create an illusion of being tech safe. It is our vast and varied safeguarding experience as a company that has taught us that the best way to keep children safe online is to educate and empower them, and everyone in their school community.   

“Consider Safer Schools as a 24/7 library of online safety resources and practical advice that school staff, parents, carers and pupils can access when they need it, where they need it! I encourage you to download and login to your app today, make sure your push notifications are enabled and keep talking to the children and young people in your care about staying safe online.”