A Scottish local council is asking people living and working in the region to complete a survey and help shape its new website.

Working with Scotland’s leading digital transformation consultancy, Storm ID, a survey has been launched to help developers understand how people want to find information on Stirling council’s official website, with feedback used to inform the creation of a forthcoming new and improved site.

Councillor Margaret Brisley, convener of the finance and economy committee, said: “The creation of a new website is one of several significant investments we’re making to transform how we interact and communicate with our residents.

“Stirling.gov.uk had around 2.5m visits in 2020, underlining its role in how we serve our communities during a situation where face-to-face interaction was basically impossible. We want our site to provide a recognisable, trusted experience which gives citizens the confidence to engage digitally with the council, repeatedly.

“The best way to shape that new development is to work with the best advisers possible, and ask the people who use the site for their input directly, so their feedback is essential in shaping how the new site will look and work.”

The ‘tree test’ survey asks a range of questions based on some of the website’s most-used functions – such as paying council tax or reporting an issue – to decipher how easy it is to find information, and to follow the user’s logical navigation through the site.

By studying the steps internet users take during these everyday scenarios, developers hope to build a more streamlined structure for the new site.

Arrangements for user research groups are being finalised and will be released in due course.

Cllr Alison Laurie, vice-convener, added: “We’re still at the early stages here but we want the people who use the website to shape it to their needs from the get go.

“With their feedback and the expertise of Storm ID, we can future proof our website to make it easy to use and accessible for all citizens, responsive to different devices, and above all, a trusted channel for local information and news.”

To take part in the ‘tree test’ survey, visit: bit.ly/StirlingTreeTest