Scotland’s tech trade body is burnishing its environmental credentials with a new course focused on climate change.

ScotlandIS is encouraging tech companies to sign up to the ‘Climate Solutions Accelerator’ to get a handle on how to reduce their impact on the environment.

The organisation is collaborating with the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS) and Jump Digital to promote the new course. It plans to launch a Digital Sustainability course in the coming months to add to the offer.

Karen Meechan, CEO of ScotlandIS, said: “Whether it’s the fact that the average Instagram post by footballer Cristiano Ronaldo uses as much electricity as 10 houses do in a year, or that in 2019 89% of organisations recycled less than 10% of their IT hardware, it is clear that the need for change in our sector is urgent. 

“We’re increasingly relying on tech in our day-to-day lives, so it’s vital that those building and maintaining the programmes we use are doing so in the most sustainable way possible. What’s more, as a huge sector that is one of the biggest users of technology itself, we simply must be cognisant of the changes we can make to mitigate our impact on the environment in our working lives. This course is all about making sure that businesses are fully equipped to reach their own net zero targets as well as those of the countries they operate in.”

The Climate Solutions Accelerator course is a blend of climate science, policy insights, and practical solutions that can help business lead in the fight against climate change.

The two-hour program comprises of four lessons that covers a vast range of topics and offers participants access to insights from experts. Completing the course helps business leaders and staff to navigate market dynamics, identify customer behaviours, respond to regulations, and drive innovation. On successful completion students will receive a certificate from the RSGS, Strathclyde University and the IOD. 

Mike Robinson, chief executive of RSGS, said: “Every industry needs to know about climate solutions, not just because we need everyone to play a part in helping to tackle the crisis, but also because it will shape so much of future trade, legislation and resource availability – so it is becoming essential knowledge for any business.  

“The tech sector has a particular responsibility with 10% of emissions and growing. ICT is so increasingly essential to modern life that we need to ensure it is set on the right path to maximise the right innovation and investment, and make the next decade as smooth as possible for its continued development, but also to avoid the radical transition necessary in more established industries.”

This course will be available to ScotlandIS member companies, offered as part of the Future Ready platform—an online resource hub supporting business growth. Recognising the significance of Scotland’s tech clusters, free access to the Climate Solutions Accelerator is extended to ScotlandIS Cyber and Data clusters, as well as clusters within the Scottish Cluster Ecosystem Alliance (SCEA). 

To learn how to sign up, visit the ScotlandIS website.