A Scottish medtech firm is claiming a ‘world first’ after deploying ChatGPT-based technology to make better use of online patient data for pharmaceutical marketing purposes.

Glasgow-founded Talking Medicines has taken a Microsoft licensed version of the OpenAI platform to train it on social media data it gathers from patients and healthcare professionals.

The company’s platform monitors publicly available forums, blogs and chat channels to track patients’ experiences of using drugs – and feeds back those insights to help healthcare advertising agencies better market their pharmaceutical products and services.

Such insights helps healthcare marketers to enrich their understanding of patients and target their marketing campaigns accordingly. They can help agencies inform new business pitches, develop winning strategies, create creative content and monitor the impact of critical market events on customer behaviour.

The new Drug-GPT™ platform only uses Talking Medicines’ curated social data, making it ‘more efficient and effective for subscribed healthcare advertising agencies to secure instant and accurate insights compared to alternative solutions’.

Drug-GPT™ is released on the firm’s enhanced PatientMetRx® 2.0 platform, providing healthcare advertising agencies with access to real-world insights about the lived experience, opinions, and sentiment of patients and healthcare professionals.

The company licenses the GPT models from Microsoft to ensure that the ecosystem around Drug-GPT™ is closed, exclusively using its own purpose-built curated social data of patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs). Talking Medicines was founded in 2013 in Glasgow and has offices in New Jersey, US. Its customer base is exclusively US-based at the moment but the company is open to working with UK-based agencies. It has been featured in Tech Nation’s Applied AI 2.0 Growth Programme and the UK Government’s Digital Health Playbook – The ‘First 100’ Companies.

Product wise, customers are able to analyse uniquely curated voices with a classification accuracy of 95 per cent, the firm claims, ‘all with the comfort of knowing that those insights are fully compliant with health sector regulations and backed by a suite of quality control processes’.

Jo Halliday, CEO and co-founder of Talking Medicines, said: “We are really excited by the potential of Drug-GPT™ to transform the way that healthcare advertising agencies analyse insights on complex patient and HCP social data. With structured and actionable insights delivered within seconds, it provides our customers with the edge to win business, create amazing content, and deliver successful campaigns. With Drug-GPT™ and PatientMetRx® 2.0, we truly believe we can unlock the power of AI to transform healthcare marketing.”