Glasgow-based health company HCi Viocare is devloping a proprietary blockchain-based system for handling sensitive client records and the data produced from the medical applications of Flexisense, its sensing technologies system for wearable devices.

HCi Viocare is an IoT firm which creates devices “aiming to empower the user with on demand information”. It says it is working on a “large portfolio of disruptive technologies” in the fields of digital health, prosthetics, orthotics, diabetes, assistive devices, and sports and wellbeing.

“Blockchain technology is much more than just a way for crypto-currencies to function,” said Christos Kapatos, HCi Viocare co-founder. “We are convinced that it will soon become the standard way to log and handle all data that matters, be that for business contracts, real-estate transactions, medical records or anything else.

“It is the way forward and any company which doesn’t adapt early enough using its own resources, it is probably going to pay much more later on to migrate to a third party’s platform.”

Kapatos added: “Our Blockchain based system will ensure that the data produced by our sensing technology in medical applications, are going to be stored and handled without anyone having the ability to tamper with them or violate the confidentiality of such personal information.

“In the case of clients’ records in our prosthetics and orthotics clinic, it is our view that insurance companies will very soon enforce such practices on the care givers, in order to acknowledge any compensation claims.”