Scottish tech employers have been invited to contribute to the redevelopment of digital apprenticeships to ensure they provide the skills needed to support their businesses.

Through a new employer-led approach, Skills Development Scotland (SDS) is reviewing and refreshing all digital technology apprenticeship standards and frameworks to ensure skills and qualifications are ‘fit-for-purpose’.

The national agency is actively seeking employers of all sizes, learning providers and representative bodies who are involved in digital technology skills to input into their design and development. 

SDS says the acceleration of the digital economy as a result of the pandemic has increased the need for more organisations to incorporate digital technology roles for new or existing staff.

Claire Gillespie, Skills Development Scotland’s digital technologies skills manager, said: “Digital skills are vital for employers across all sectors so we are looking for input from digital technology employers from all backgrounds and sizes to get involved in the redevelopment of apprenticeships.”

Karen Meechan, chief executive at ScotlandIS, added: “The workplace is evolving at pace and the demand for digital skills has never been higher, as they underpin more of our jobs. It’s important to provide future talent with high-quality industry training to make our workforce’s skills as relevant as possible.

“With digital talent in consistently high demand, and as digital skills become increasingly indispensable within organisations, we’d encourage employers to get involved in this process to help widen our talent pool – benefitting our workforce, thereby benefitting employers who are in real need of this talent, too.”

To find out more and get involved in the development of Scottish Apprenticeships dedicated to digital technology, visit