Lockheed Martin is taking on 10 paid interns this summer, at its offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, in a partnership with Career Ready UK.

Career Ready helps school children to improve their confidence, profes- sional networks and opportunities available to them. Its programme offers practical learning to help young people develop the skills they need for a career in an area linked to their academic studies or interests.

Lockheed Martin began a partnership with the charity in 2014 through volunteer mentors and a donation that enabled Career Ready to employ an extra member of staff and allowed its team to focus on the key aims of the charity.

The company’s mentors meet the students regularly and provide a network to ask questions about work life, understand potential career paths and support the student in their schoolwork.

At the end of S5, during the summer holidays, the students will visit the Lockheed Martin offices to complete a four-week paid placement. The students undergo a non-competitive interview to help them understand what is required for the role and provide experience on the interview process.

Each student is assigned a supervisor, someone different from his or her mentor, to work with them for the four weeks. The duties for the students vary from understanding programming, visiting customer sites and engaging in meetings, to a joint team project to promote mentoring a Career Ready student to Lockheed Martin staff in the UK.

Following the placement, the Career Ready students will continue to work with their mentors until they complete their sixth year at school. The mentors will work with the students to help them chose the right career path for them; whether that be university, college or an apprenticeship.