Waste in the construction industry is often seen as inevitable – regardless of whether you are building a new house or office, a road or a railway track, or refurbishing or demolition a building. Construction waste is also expensive, and often underestimated.

Whilst a high recycling rate of over 90% is currently being achieved in the construction sector, waste still often accounts for a massive two to three percent of construction costs. That impacts significantly on profit margins making it hugely important that the sector keeps waste to a minimum and avoids its creation where possible.

Resource Efficient Scotland and the Scottish Building Federation have partnered to put on a free event for the construction sector tomorrow (6 December) which will look at the true cost of construction waste from a number of angles.

One of the speakers will be from Topolytics, a data and analytics business. They’ll be discussing how digital solutions can help map the generation, movement and fate of waste materials in real time, and how this can help businesses become more circular through increasing recycling, re-use and re-manufacture, along with identifying cost efficiencies, environmental risks and the value of waste.

To find out more about the event and the other speakers, visit The True Cost of Construction Waste. Registration is free and open to businesses working in the Scottish construction sector. Priority will be given to those working in SMEs.