Who is FrontDesk?

FrontDesk is an innovative software suite that redefines appointments, queue and customer flow management in the public sector.

FrontDesk has a market share of 80% in Danish municipalities and was launched in Germany in 2018 and in Canada in 2019, where the system already is a central part of all city appointment scheduling in Canada’s largest city Toronto and the capital Ottawa.

About the FrontDesk solution

FrontDesk is a SaaS solution including both a queuing and appointment system.

The queuing system handles “walk-in” customers, while the appointment system is used by offices that require a prior appointment, e.g., for licenses and permits.

What sets FrontDesk apart?

FrontDesk has been developed in close cooperation with local governments to be able to handle the complex workflows that characterize public service centers. The system is continuously updated based on customer feedback, and thus the system is always up to date.