From Secure Foundations to Resilient Futures

The Digital Security by Design Programme 

UKRI’s Digital Security by Design is a UK government supported initiative to help transform digital technology and create a more resilient and secure foundation for a safer digital future. With collaboration between academia, industry and government delivering more secure semiconductor devices to pave the way for business and people to safely use and maintain trust in technology. 

DSbD works to enable a more trustworthy digital environment, in which only expected access to data and operations are permitted while limiting the impact of any remaining vulnerabilities. DSbD is promoting a mindset change for cyber security, giving the freedom to learn, trade, play, automate and collaborate safely through cyber best-practices, reducing the attack surface by default, and protecting resilience and operational integrity by design. 

With this new design, research suggests it is possible around 70% of ongoing memory safety vulnerabilities should be blocked from exploitation, with other features enabling developers to further extend the resilience and integrity of software. 

DSbD technology prototypes, Morello Boards, are available through for organisations and academics to explore the technology and find what benefit this revolutionary technology could have for you. 

Understand what this technology could do for you and to be a part of a new more secure future.