Unilink Software specialises in innovative software solutions for criminal justice. With over twenty years’ experience of case management systems for Probation, custodial management systems and particular expertise in biometric applications, Unilink is the world leader in offender case management, prisons and probation, and in offender self-service applications.

Unilink continuously invests in enhancing its solutions portfolio to support all aspects of managing offenders in prisons and in the community and has pioneered many award-winning innovations including prisoner video visits, messaging, payments, links to telephony, education and controlled internet access.

All Unilink’s solutions are created with the direct input of industry professionals and based on a clear and enterprise vision of using technology to increase efficiency, enhance security and support offender rehabilitation.

Unilink’s unique knowledge and experience of the correctional domain along with its rich portfolio of proven solutions underpins digital transformation in prison and probation services across the UK, Europe (Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium), Australia and New Zealand.